CoFlo 0.0.1 Released

The day has finally arrived: CoFlo 0.0.1 has been released to the general public.

CoFlo is a Free and Open Source source code analysis tool which generates and analyzes control flow graphs from C and C++ source.  CoFlo is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 3.

CoFlo’s ultimate target audience is all developers in need of a deeper inspection, analysis, understanding, and visualization of their C and C++ source code.  As of this first alpha release however, CoFlo’s target audience is early adopters who fit that description: Version 0.0.1 of CoFlo, while usable and arguably even useful, is very much in the early stages of development.  Expect CoFlo’s abilities to improve dramatically over the next several releases.

Check out the Gallery, the post below, and the User’s Manual for a small taste of what CoFlo can already do.  If that piques your interest, head on over to the Downloads area, grab the source code, and start putting CoFlo to use!

Thank you for visiting the CoFlo web site,

Gary R. Van Sickle

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