GNU Make 3.82

Here are a few examples of CoFlo’s handiwork:

Here’s the control flow graph of GNU Make 3.82‘s “print_version” function as generated by CoFlo 0.0.4.  To see it in full-size, click on it, then click on the image that brings up (sorry, it’s something with this WP theme):

CFG of GNU Make 3.82's print_version function.

Control Flow Graph of GNU Make 3.82′s print_version function.

…more as I get time to upload them….

<…time passes…>

….and I just got more time.  Here’s the same graph rendered by the current CoFlo 0.0.5 work-in-progress.  Note the compiler-created GOTOs have been eliminated, as have most of the generated labels, while the if()’s now contain the text of the condition expressions:

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